Volunteer Bond FAQ

Bow View Ringette is run almost exclusively by volunteers.  As our association continues to grow, a continued commitment from our members is necessary for our association to be able to operate effectively and efficiently.  The purpose of the volunteer bond program is to encourage more of our membership to become actively involved in making our association the best it can be.

!! It is the sole responsibility of each family to seek out approved opportunities to ensure they fulfill their 6 hour volunteer bond commitment. !!

Frequently Asked Questions RE: The Bow View Ringette Volunteer Bond

Why do we have a Volunteer Bond?
As our association grows we require a commitment from members to operate effectively and efficiently at the association level.

How do I find out volunteer opportunities?

Emails may be sent to members during the season requesting volunteers for upcoming events eligible for volunteer bond hours.  Please note that most opportunities are during evaluations and in the first half of the season.  Volunteer opportunities during evaluations 
will be sent out by email and volunteers will sign up on a first come first serve basis.  Emails may come from age division coordinators, Bow View Admin or signup.com.  Please check your junk mail in case your email program thinks they are spam.   Opportunities to earn volunteer bond hours in the second half of the season are limited.  Approved Volunteer Bond Opportunities can be found here

Why do most team volunteer roles not qualify?

Teams require the help of every family in order to have a successful season.  If most team volunteering qualified for the volunteer we would still lack volunteers at the association level.  Head Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Team Managers and Junior Coaches are the only team roles that have been approved for earning Volunteer Bond hours at this time.

Does Esso Golden Ring Tournament (EGRT) volunteering qualify?

No. Teams that participate in EGRT are required to provide team volunteers in order to participate.  This is considered team volunteering.  It does not qualify for the association volunteer bond.  However, sitting on the EGRT planning committee does qualify.  In addition, there may be an opportunity to volunteer at EGRT outside of required team volunteering that does qualify for the volunteer bond.  These opportunities will be specifically noted as qualifying for the volunteer bond.  If in doubt please email the Registrar to confirm if an opportunity qualifies for the volunteer bond.

Do I have to volunteer 6 hours per PLAYER?

No. The volunteer bond requirement is 6 hours per FAMILY, however we always welcome families that are able and willing to volunteer more than the required 6 hours per family.

What if I am close to completing my 6 hours?

6 hours is the minimum requirement per family.  Many of our volunteers do much more than 6 hours to help the association run smoothly.  Unless there are unusual circumstances, your volunteer bond cheque will be cashed if your family does not complete the full 6 hour requirement.

What happens when my hours are complete?

Volunteer bond hours are tracked by age division coordinators and event volunteer coordinators.  These hours are then turned in to the Registrar, who records the hours.  When your hours are complete you will receive an email from the Registrar advising of your completion and your cheque will be destroyed.  Please be patient- the tracking of hours is time consuming- it can take a few weeks after an event to receive an email.

What if I havenā€˜t received an email and I know I completed my hours?

You are welcome to send an email to the Registrar to inquire about your hours.  Please allow at least a few weeks after you have volunteered for your hours to be included in your total hours.

But I asked my manager/coach/friend/teacher and other parents on my team if the hours I was volunteering qualified for the volunteer bond and they said yes!

Please read the approved roles listed in the volunteer bond manual to be sure the volunteer hours qualify for the volunteer bond.  Changes and updates are made every season.  If the role is not listed in the volunteer bond manual and you require clarification please email the Registrar.