Jersey Bond Information

Jersey Deposit
* A jersey deposit of $250 per player is required at your player‘s first evaluation ice time.
* Jersey deposit cheques should be post-dated for April 1 of the following year.
* Game jerseys are NOT permitted for use during practice time (Timbits Active Start jerseys are excluded)
* Name bars are NOT permitted on player game jerseys.  We trust you will appreciate how sewing the name bars on can damage the jerseys.
* "C"s and "A"s should be pinned on or hand- stitched and removed before returning.
* Please respect the jersey and take care of it throughout the season.  A separate bag (ie. pillow case) or compartment for the jersey will ensure it does not get snagged on velcro or cut by skate blades etc.
* Please wash the jersey in cold water with no bleach or fabric softener; dry on low temperature or hang to dry.
* Your jersey deposit will be destroyed provided your jerseys are returned in the same condition you received them otherwise your jersey deposit will be cashed.