Brian Hendricks Memorial Award

Brian Hendricks was a volunteer coach within the Bow View Ringette Association from 1989 to 1995. He stepped forward yearly to assist with the program, striving to teach his players ringette skills so that they might achieve both individual and group successes while enjoying the camaraderie and competition associated with team sports. Brianā€˜s goal was to provide his players with the opportunity to play their chosen sport of ringette within a positive, friendly and fun environment.

The Brian Hendricks Memorial Award is presented annually to honor long-standing, dedicated, principled service to community ringette within the Bow View Ringette Association.

The honored recipient shall have displayed the highest of principles and skills including:
1. Integrity in the performance of his/her association duties.
2. Adherence to the code of Fair Play in sport.
3. Respect for the Rules of the game, Officials, Players, Opponents, and anyone else they came into contact with on behalf of Bow View Ringette.
4. A sound knowledge of ringette.
5. Demonstrated patience, open-mindedness, flexibility and adaptability in their association duties.
6. Many years of service to minor sports, in general, and Bow View Ringette, in particular.

A committee of Executive Board members will then select the most deserving nominee to be presented with their award at the BVRA Annual General Meeting. If you would like to nominate someone please provide the name of the coach, team name, and a brief outline as to why you feel the individual is deserving of this award.

Please forward nominations to

Congratulations to past recipients- Terra Connors, Amber Johnson, Jaime Hatchette, Colin Dyck, Brett Fisher, Jessica Kirstine, Robin Morris, Paul Comessotti, Megan Becker, Susan Foster, Corinne Middleton, Mary Ellen Larson, Jack Marsh, Ray Harris, Bob Markle, Doug Hayden, Shawn Curran, and Udo Rover.

2019/2020 Brian Hendricks Coach of the Year- Terra Connors and the U14B Shock Team!